1. Hotels, Motels, Inns, Resorts

1a. Apartments, Condos, Property Mgt. Companies, Home Rental Companies

2. Real Estate Companies, Brokers, Agents, Home Inspectors

3. Mobile Home Mfg., Mobile Home Parks, New and Used Mobile Home Dealers,

Mobile Home Service & Maintenance Companies

4. Insurance Companies, Mortgage Companies, Banks

5. Oil Field Industry (Kills H2s)

6. Auto Mfg., Auto Dealers, Auto Repair, Auto Parts Stores, Auto Painters, Auto

Rental Companies (Airports best Places), Limo Companies, Taxi Companies

7. RV Mfg., RV Dealers, RV Repair Companies, Camper Dealers, Camper Repair


8. Truck Mfg., Trucking Companies, Truck Hauling Companies, Truck Rental

Companies, Trailer and Shipping Container Companies

9. Aircraft Mfg., Aircraft Repair, Aircraft service & Maintenance Companies,

Airports, Airline Companies

10. Boat, House Boat & Yacht Mfg. Companies & Storage Companies, Lake Cabin

Rentals, Lake Parks Bathrooms, Beach Bathrooms, Bait Shops,

Hunting Gear Shops & Scent Removal

11. Public Transportation, Buses, Vans, Trains, Rest Stop Bathrooms

12. Septic tank Companies, Public/Portable Toilets

13. Air Conditioning & Heating Companies (Air Duct systems)

14. Military, Police, Fire Departments, (Body Armor)

15. Schools, Bathrooms, Locker rooms, Showers, Sports Gear

16. Healthcare Facilities, Nursing Homes, Senior Care Facilities & Hospitals

17. Food Mfg. Plants, Meat, Fish, Poultry Markets & Dairy Farms

18. Restaurants, Bars, Pubs

19. Second hand stores, Clothes, Furniture

20. Veterinary Clinics, Kennels, Pet Stores, (Kills Provo)

21. Storage unit Containers & Mini Storage Units

22. City Morgues & Funeral Homes

23. Dumpster Companies

24. Fire & Flooded Homes & Buildings

25. Retail, Hardware, Lumber, Farm Supply Stores, Carpet Stores

(Eliminates Formaldehyde Odor)

26. Carpet Cleaning & Painting Contractor Companies

27. Janitorial Service Companies, Janitorial Supply Retail Stores,

Janitorial Supply Distributors

28. Law Enforcements Agencies – Police, Sheriff, DEA, FBI, (USES)

Holding Cells, Jail Cells, Prison Cells, Service Vehicles, Drug Labs, Meth etc.

29. For cleanup sites that have had Murders, Suicides, etc., clo2 is a broad

spectrum neutralizer for Blood-Borne Pathogen

30. Consumers with problems!