A:  Just Gone Sanitizing & Deodorizing System™ is the most powerful deodorizing service available at this time. It can be used in liquid form to attack the source of the odor and it can be used as a gas to attack the residual odors that have adsorbed and absorbed into the materials and structure of homes, offices, cars, RV’s, Boats and any enclosed structure that has a foul odor that needs to be completely removed.
It leaves no harmful residue and completely eradicates all odors regardless of their type and intensity.

In addition to this, the Just Gone Sanitizing & Deodorizing System™  service can be used to sanitize and destroy harmful bacteria that cause odors and disease.  Difficult problems such as MERSA and other problematic bacterium are no match for Just Gone™.

If you are dealing with mold and mildew, this is the answer for elimination of and passing any Mold Spore count test by an Industrial Hygienist. Following simple, easy to use instructions, anyone can effectively reduce the presence of mold and mildew and their accompanying spores to less than ambient levels.

Below you will find many uses that you can utilize Clo2 in your Just Gone Services.

Clo2 Will Eliminate & Control
Problematic Odors, Bacteria, Viruses, and Fungi

•    Cigarette smoke odor in vehicles, homes, clothes, campers & furniture
•    Fire smoke odor in homes, commercial buildings, clothes, furniture & other enclosed areas and personal possessions
•    Oil Field Industry/ H2s gas emissions, crude oil, hydraulic oil, diesel, gasoline & other petroleum odors
•    Marijuana, meth, cocaine, heroin, opium, hashish & many other narcotic odors
•    Musty odors in basements
•    HVAC drain pans
•    Cat urine odor
•    Dog urine and dander odor & eliminates Provo
•    Skunk odor
•    Dead animal odors
•    Crime scene odors
•    Incense odors
•    Mold odors (See page 2)
•    Book mold and its’ odors
•    Air duct system molds and odors
•    Auto/bus/truck/tractor/RV gasoline & diesel odor
•    Military/Law Enforcement vehicle, body armor, gear & personal cell odors
•    Fire Dept./vehicle, body gear odors & eliminates MRSA
•    Hunting gear scent and odors
•    Sport/Work protective gear and shoe odors & eliminates MRSA
•    Locker room odors & eliminates MRSA
•    Gym facilities/shower/locker & equipment odors & eliminates MRSA
•    Trailers/Campers carpet & furniture Formaldehyde odors
•    Hotel/Home liquor odor
•    Nursing Home odors
•    Health Care facility odors
•    Public/Portable toilet odors
•    Public transportation odors
•    Sewage odors
•    New paint odor
•    Burnt/Rotten food including  fish/shellfish/meat/poultry/eggs/spices and other odors
•    House Boat/Yacht diesel, bilge, and head odors
•    Wetsuit odor
•    Bedbugs –  100% Elimination of all  5 stages (As of 2013)
•    Ebola (as of 2014)
•    C Diff (as of 2014)
•    Hepa (as of 2014)

•    E.Coli
•    Legionella
•    Pneumophilia
•    Streptococcus Facalis Bacillus
•    Clostridium
•    Amoebae
•    Giardia
•    Cryptosporidium
•    Pseudomonas
Molds Clo2 is known to eliminate
•    Alternaria
•    Ascospores
•    Aspergillus/Penicillium
•    Basidiospores
•    Bipolaris/Drechslera group
•    Cercospora/Pseudocercospora
•    Chaetomium
•    Cladosporium
•    Cladosporium sp.
•    Cladosporium sphaerospermum
•    Curvularia
•    Epicoccum
•    Fusarium
•    Helicospores
•    Myxomycetes/Periconia/Smuts
•    Nigrospora
•    And Many More

Clo2 is perfect for Homes, Basements, Apartment Buildings, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Heath Care Facilities, Law Enforcement Facilities, Hotels, Motels, Commercial Buildings, Warehouses, Restaurants, Bars, Gyms, Containers, Kennels, Dumpsters, Storage Units, Cabins, Yachts, Shipping Containers & all types of Vehicles!