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There are certain stains that simply cannot be handled with just a vacuum and household stain removers. Trying to tackle carpet cleaning on your own with various products, which contains chemicals that can be harmful to you and your family, can often be a pain and not get the results that you need. Most household products may remove the stains, but not the odor. A professional carpet cleaner can remove both and leave your carpet odor free.

The cleaning method used is safe and does not have any chemicals. Whether you have children and pets in your household, you can feel safe knowing that the cleaning solution used will not be of harm to anyone.

It is important for a business location and office to look clean at all times. A professional carpet cleaning is best because all areas and floors can be handled and cleaned to look new and fresh. No matter how big or small the commercial locations are, the carpet cleaning can provide the services needed. A clean and professional place of business not only keeps the clients happy, but the employees as well.

Whether you need the service for your home or office location, the cleaning process is done in a way that will ensure that your carpet stays clean and look fresh for a long period of time. Once you make that call, the location will need to be evaluated to ensure that the right tools are needed for your specific carpet cleaning needs. You can have the new fresh look in just one day. Don’t waste time and make an appointment today.

ServiceMaster Carpet Care has been providing quality cleaning services to Eastern Massachusetts for over 50 years.


Our professional carpet cleaning service offers you a multitude of great benefits at an affordable price. One of the nicest benefits of having a professional cleaning crew tackle the business of keeping carpets clean is that our well-trained and experienced staff ensures that your carpet fibers are thoroughly deep cleaned. This removes dirt, debris, food and beverage stains, along with pet urine that can cause carpeting to develop an unpleasant odor that hangs in the atmosphere.

Not only do dirty carpets look and smell bad, they also contribute significantly to poor quality indoor air. There have been scientific studies showing that the air inside of many homes can be up to 10 times more polluted than the air just outside, and carpets are a major contributor to poor quality inside air if they’re not properly and professionally cleaned on a regular basis by Service Master. Deep down between your carpet fibers is where all the cooking oils from the kitchen, dirt from your shoes,  food spills, and shed skin cells all accumulate with oils then consumed by bacteria, fungi, dust mites, and flea larvae. A good professional carpet cleaning on a regular basis will first of all extract all of the these microorganisms, plus all the food that they live off of.

When your carpet is loaded with all kinds of dust mites and other microorganisms they are constantly eating and creating more organic matter that in turn stays in your carpet. And, when you cook, there are microscopic droplets of oil and water that circulate throughout your home and settle in your carpet. All of these things combine to make excellent feeding grounds for dust mites, and many people are highly allergic to dust mites and their droppings that they leave everywhere they go, 24 hours a day. A good high-quality vacuum cleaner used once or twice per week  can go a long ways towards eliminating these problems, however, many germs and bacteria become glued to the carpet fibers and are difficult to remove by vacuuming alone. This is the reason that people turn to professional carpet cleaners to completely clean the entire carpet using safe chemicals, and steam or hot water, to extract every last bit of dirt, grime and bacteria from the carpet.

In conclusion, not only is having your carpet professionally cleaned good for your carpet, but it’s also a necessary service to maintain the health of your family. It is best to use a professional carpet cleaner approximately every 4 to 6 months for a normal family, not only will your family thank you, but your carpet will last many times longer if cleaned on a regular basis.



5 Great Reasons To Have Professionals Clean Your Carpet

Most likely, if you had any idea of the millions of bacteria, mites and fungi that inhabit your carpet you’d have it professionally cleaned every day, but we all know that’s not possible, and not really necessary. However if maintaining a healthy carpet, with increased longevity, is your goal then a regular professional cleaning should be done about every 3 to 6 months. Although most manufacturers of carpet recommend 12 to 18 months that is merely to maintain the warranty and has nothing to do with your health, and the health of your family.  Let’s take a look at some awesome benefits of having your carpet regularly cleaned by trained cleaning professionals.

The first benefit of regular professional carpet cleaning in Canton is a reduction in the amount of allergens that are  that are caused by bacteria, mites and other microorganisms that are living off of the dirt and organic matter that is trapped between the fibers of your carpet. If you, or anyone of your family members, is experiencing a constant stuffy nose, cough, and other hay fever like symptoms you may be allergic to dust mites and their droppings. It is been estimated that there can be up to 2000 dust mites in every ounce of dirt  found in your carpet. A professional carpet cleaning will completely remove both the dust mites and, more importantly their food, preventing their rapid return.

Carpet that is regularly cleaned will definitely lasts longer. First, microscopic bits of sand become attached to the carpet fibers by other dirt and end up being similar to sandpaper, grinding away at the fibers every time you walk by. This creates traffic wear patterns in your carpet that are permanent if not prevented by regular professional cleaning.

Another important benefit of cleaning your carpets is in preventing  the infestations of fleas because of your pets. When a cat or dog has fleas they are constantly dropping flea eggs everywhere they walk, which then hatch into small larva that consume organic matter in your carpet as food. Then, they turn into adult fleas looking for blood from either you or your pet. These are dirty and have been known to transmit deadly diseases in the past, however, a good thorough cleaning by carpet professional will not only remove the eggs, and larva, but the food that they eat and the adults that they turn into.

Professional carpet cleaners are trained experts that use the right chemicals to clean and remove the spots from your carpet. They have high-quality commercial grade equipment that is made to extract a higher percentage of the water and dirt with each pass. It’s not possible for the average homeowner to do as complete of a cleaning is what you can expect by hiring a professional.

And finally, if you hire professionals to clean your carpet they are going to do all the heavy lifting from the machine to the furniture, you don’t have to lift a finger. Do you really want to waste your time down at the grocery store trying to rent their heavy, broken down machine and all their high-priced, unknown chemicals?.

Well, now you have five great reasons for not cleaning the carpet yourself and instead hiring a trained professional carpet cleaner to do the job right, and do all the heavy lifting, so you can sit back and relax while watching.


You can get a lot from professional carpet cleaning services in Peabody, MA, you just have to know what to do to work with them. It’s going to be easy for you, it just takes reading through information like what you’re about to be presented with here.


You’re going to want to work with a professional carpet cleaner because they have the right tools to get the job done right. These tools that they have are going to be great to utilize because they will clean a carpet fully within a short period of time. If you were to get these services done on your own with your own equipment, it would cost you quite a bit of money. Plus, it would be hard for you to store this type of thing if you were trying to buy it to use on your own.

You’re going to want to work with people that do professional carpet cleaning services in Peabody, MA, because you’re going to want to be sure that they know how to work with the flooring type you have. If they aren’t experienced and not that good at what they’re doing, then it could damage your floor and that wouldn’t be good because that could cost you some money to get fixed. When you hire a carpet cleaning company, make sure they’re as professional as possible. Then you will know that they are able to meet the needs you have when it comes to working on your flooring type.

Professional carpet cleaner services are now something you know a thing or two about. The key here is to use this advice to help you get the services you need. Take a moment to go over this advice again and be sure you share it with others in your kind of situation.


A professional carpet cleaning service can help you keep all your carpets looking new for years. Carpeting is the most popular flooring option in the homes and a good carpet can last more than a decade or more if properly cared for. Part of this care involves regular vacuuming and cleaning by a carpet cleaning company.

The biggest reason why professional carpet cleaning is important is that even if you vacuum your carpet on a regular basis, you still cannot get close to the dirt that has settled deep in the fibers. This dirt is the biggest issue because it can damage your carpets and contain millions of harmful bacteria and even mold. This may also lead to premature wear and permanent stains on your carpet. Even the most powerful residential vacuums on the market can only remove the dirt slightly below the surface.

Having a professional carpet cleaning service clean your carpets at least twice a year can remove deep seated dirt and will also help in preventing any damage to the fibers. Many carpet cleaners now use steam cleaning to remove dirt through a combination of powerful vacuuming and heat. The heat from the steam can loosen the dirt by breaking its adhesive coating that allows it to stick to the fibers.

Once this stubborn adhesive has been removed, it can be easily pulled out of the carpet fibers with the help of powerful vacuum and removed. A professional carpet cleaner will use a steam cleaning machine that successfully combines the application of hot steam and vacuuming in one step to remove dirt and will leave your carpet looking new. They can also help you with upholstery cleaning and pet odor removal as well as other specialties, such as Oriental rug cleaning.

Using professionals offer you another advantage of a very short carpet drying period. Sometimes this is as short as one hour. Their heavy duty equipment sucks out all of the hot water from your carpet, leaving it almost dry. This will also eliminate any risk of mold because your carpets won’t not damp for an extended period of time. You can enjoy your fluffy and clean carpets for months.

Often you can get a much better price if you opt for few of these services done in one visit. To keep your carpet in the best possible shape, schedule their professional cleaning at regular intervals from a professional carpet cleaning service.